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  • Our students create video games, cartoons, 3D printed designs, circuits, code games and apps, make robots, participate in competitions and much more! No matter whom they grow up to be, these children will take advantage of what they learn with us.

  • STEAM Works Studio combines offline, online and hybrid STEAM learning in the most cutting edge programs necessary as 21st century skills for children 5 to 18 years.

  • Our team consists of fun teachers, artists, makers and content developers who love children and aspire to make STEAM programming simple, exciting, useful and fun!

Expertly Designed Creative & Fun Curriculum

Robotics (LEGO Mindstorms EV3, VEX), 3D Printing and Modeling, Animation (SCRATCH and Blender), Lasers and Optics in Physics, Maths beyond Schools, Website Design, Java and C++ Programming, Practical Electronics, Fun with Arduino and more. You are absolutely at the right place with 500+ of the coolest program themes imaginable!

Plan & Track Your Child's Progress

We help create a personalized Student STEAM Roadmap from the outset through which teachers and parents can track progress as a student goes from session to session or course to course irrespective of the type or mix of classes. A sharable Student Portfolio is maintained of all projects and subjects learnt. A fun Award system and real-world practical problems encourage your child to push their creative envelope.

Small Classes & a Launch Pad for Competitions

We keep our class sizes small to provide that special individual attention that makes such a big difference. With hands-on tech savvy & fun loving teachers & a wonderful center your child is going to want to come back again & again. Whether it is VEX Robotics Competitions or LEGO JrFLL or FLL, Mathematics Olympiads we prepare and challenge your child to participate in various Competitions & exhibitions!

Our Approach

Project Based Learning: Includes reflection, research, discovery, application, and communication

Activity Based: Our curriculum consists of unique activities designed to teach, challenge and allow for creative exploration.


Breadth of Learning: Our four categories of education encourage students to learn beyond one discipline and from one area to another.

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