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Building Robot


Is Your Child Ready For Tomorrow?

Our Mission is to Spark Creativity & Bolster a Deep Interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math in Children & Young Adults through Hands-On Practical Learning by "Making"!


  • 40,000+ Students Taught

  • 500+ Program Themes

  • Project Based Learning

  • Hands-On & Practical

  • Small Student/Teacher Ratio

  • Art Infused Fun Programs

  • Online, Hybrid, & In-Person Sessions

  • Build Confidence & Grit

  • Critical Logical Thinking

  • Problem Solving

  • Teamwork & Collaboration

  • Engineering-Design Thinking

  • Entrepreneurial Thinking

  • Creativity, Flexibility, & Innovation

This is where scientific inquiry reigns supreme — traditionally this includes physics, biology, chemistry, & other areas of study.

This is where scientific knowledge is applied for practical purposes, creating new machinery & new processes that transform society.

This is where science and math are used to solve practical problems.

This is more active & engaging way of learning which involves diverse forms of creative expression & communication.

This includes pure & applied math, & all the various subfields of mathematical analysis.

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